This site has been taken down.

The zoo of insults and slander that has swirled around this mess has gone on for far to long. We tried through three different mediators to arrange for peace, all were rebuked. It seems there is no possibility of reasonable negotiation here. The aggressive parties were exposed and instead of making peace and walking away they sought to drag everyone down with them.

We would prefer to see success or at the very least well being come out of this. Thus we have taken down this site detailing the tragic story of it's namesake. It was originally put up to defend ourselves against the accusations made against us by the subject. The propaganda campaign against us was so severe that a full length documentary had to be made to defend ourselves. That film has since also been taken down and all materials that detail the subject. 

We began this journey to get a homeless scientist a lab and restore his honor.  A number of people sacrificed their time and money others donated equipment and their skills. All those involved worked hard and did not deserve the fallout that arose from disagreements, egos and communication gaffes. I personally have been slandered on the internet in the most disgusting way imaginable, with no less than four videos being made against me personally. My associates were contacted, old modeling photos and acting jobs were used against me and worse. The several hacking attempts on our server we documented and our lawyers filed an official report with the FBI. Ironically a report had been filed against us by the attacking party, which caused the FBI to investigate them before we even submitted out report. Karma is very real.

We never expected to deal with such tactics. Attorneys were commissioned in New York state and the subject of the suits is dodging and ignoring suit, forcing us to file in Washington state to end the constant slander. We regret that resources have to be wasted on this but we are left with no choice, some people simply cannot be reasoned with. If prior behavior is any indiction this aggressor will continue his obsession with me possibly for life, none of the slander will be taken down until he is forced into a Washington State court room. We will deal with this.

We wish the best for Eric, that he conquers his addictions and demons to find peace with himself and let those who would try to help him do so, rather than turn against them again and again. We hope that EPD labs succeeds in accomplishing their objectives and Eric's knowledge manifests into great breakthroughs.

I personally would regret ever meeting Eric or beginning this quest, except for all the amazing people it has introduced me to, including David and the grass roots natural science community that has rallied around this tale. We have no regrets standing up for ourselves and defending the honor of our friends. 

This story should be a tale of caution and hope for all who know of it. Do your due diligence, many warned me of the obstacles at hand yet I chose to look through rose colored glasses and ignore them. If the darkness comes at you, fight back, with everything you have. I stayed up for 3 straight days and pieced together the evidence to clear our names, the entire internet rallied behind us and we were hailed as heroes. The truth is we are all heroes when we allow ourselves to be. All we need is a test.

Thank you and good luck to all involved.

May the Force be with you, always.